• Volume 200 liters
  • With weighing computer and scale
  • Filling buckets etc.
  • Gravimetric dosing
  • With pneumatic closure after each dose
  • Heavy construction

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The Basic-Dos is a simple, analogues pump for adding fluid additives to your feed systems.

Dosing fluid additives with the Basic-Dos

The Basic-Dos doses fluids on all kinds of feed systems. Fluids like acids, probiotics, de-worming or medication. It can be used for all kinds of feed systems, dry or wet feed. For example on a dry feed line; directly on the passing dry feed. Or in a feed weigher, a wet feed tank or in a conveyor screw. The volume of the dosing can be adjusted to your feed system.

The Basic-Dos is complete with installation set (tubes, nipples, etc.). The Basic-Dos is a simple, ‘low budget’ solution for adding all kinds of fluids to your feed systems!

Dosing range0,5-12 liters/ hour
Steering230V – 50Hz
Size (LxWxH)10x8x8 cm.
Max. pressure1 bar
Max. room temp.45°C
Max. fluid temp.40°C

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