• Volume 200 liters
  • With weighing computer and scale
  • Filling buckets etc.
  • Gravimetric dosing
  • With pneumatic closure after each dose
  • Heavy construction

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The Easy-Dos is a digital pump that doses fluid additives directly into dry feed tubes.
The additives can include medicines, minerals or supplements for example. In principle all types of ready-to-use products and all water soluble products (in a solution) can be used.

The additives are injected in the dry feed tube onto the passing dry feed. The small quantities of additive immediately bond with the dry feed and are therefore carried along in the feeding circuit. The concentration of the additive remains equally dispersed without dissemination. The dosing level can be entered on the screen. This results in very accurate and constant dosing.

Dosing range0,012-12 liters/hour
Steering230V – 50Hz
Size (LxWxH)23x11x16 cm.
Max. pressure3,4 bar
Max. fluid temp.50°C
Max. room temp.45°C

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